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The Benefits And Advantages Of Creating A Revocable Living Trust Las Vegas

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The main reason for drawing up a revocable living trust is to avoid probate after your death which will save your family a lot of time and money. If you include a revocable living trust in your estate planning you can rest assured that when you die your family will not have to deal with the ordeals and costs of probate. At The Law Office of Roger A. Giuliani, we can help you set up a trust as part of your estate plan that will provide for the administration and distribution of your assets after your death according to your wishes. And at the time of your death, our Trust Lawyers will be ready to assist your family throughout the trust administration process.

Because of the complex probate process in Nevada, a revocable living trust is an especially important option for people living in the state of Nevada. Developing an estate plan that places your assets in a trust is vital if you wish to spare your family the cost and time of going through the complex probate process. When you transfer your assets into a trust, you grant your designated successor trustee full authority upon your death to administer and distribute your assets as directed in the trust.

A revocable living trust also provides other benefits apart from avoiding probate. Until your death or incapacity, a revocable living trust allows you to retain full control of your assets with continuing involvement such as making amendments and transferring assets in and out of the trust. If for some reason you become incapacitated to a point where you are no longer capable of taking care of your affairs, your designated successor trustee will be authorized to act on your behalf, often avoiding the need for guardianship proceedings.

Creating a Revocable Living Trust

The law offices of Roger A Giuliani, our expert trust lawyers are dedicated to the appropriation of asset protection and estate planning. Our comprehensive services include preparing a ‘pour-over’ Will for your trust as well as the required powers of attorney for health care to ensure that your interests are protected on all fronts. Below are some of the steps we can help you with when setting up your revocable living trust:

• Create and Design the Trust

Our professional trust lawyers will help you design your trust to administer and distribute your assets when you pass away according to your personal wishes. Creating a trust will allow you to have greater flexibility in the way you manage your estate. For example, you can draft a trust to allow the beneficiaries to enjoy your trust property while young for their support, education, and health as directed by your nominated trustee after your death. You can then direct the outright distribution of your assets once the beneficiaries have reached an age where they are older and more mature.

Revocable Living Trust

• Funding the Trust

The next step will be to transfer the title of appropriate assets to the trust. The first step of developing the trust is important in and of itself; however, it is just as important to ensure that real action is taken to ensure that your assets will be directly controlled by the trust when you pass away.

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