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      Probate Lawyer

      Nevada Probate Law


      A Las Vegas probate law professional is smart to work with if you have a probate issue.  But first, you have to understand what this all means. When someone passes away, they usually pass their estate and funds down through their will to others. That person then has to legally work..

      Domestic Asset Protection Trusts


      Planning for your death. Who the heck wants to do that? But frankly, all too often we have clients who come into the office whose parents or loved ones had put off estate planning Las Vegas for when they pass away. Can’t blame them. Who wants to do that?

      Practice Areas

      Probate Law
      Find the best professional for the task you are working on at the time.

      Estate Planning
      Planning for your death. Who the heck wants to do that?



      The Giuliani Law Firm is located in Las Vegas, Nevada and is a full service law firm representing clients on various matters of Nevada Probate Law, Roger Giuliani is a Certified Family Court Mediator for the Eighth Judicial District Court; business planning, corporate filings and minutes, estate planning, probate, will drafting, and real estate. Our Las Vegas practice includes a variety of litigation matters including complex discovery and business litigation for both Las Vegas creditors and Nevada debtors.

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      Client Testimonials

       Always professional, always just what I need. Great lawyer, great law office.

      Rhonda Ward

       Roger was very friendly and professional as he provided legal advices to me and my husband.

      Chia-Chun Chiang

       If you’re looking for a probate attorney in the Las Vegas area & Henderson, look no further!

      Jesse and Kathleen Salazar

      Best Probate attorney in Vegas. He is honest, and always takes my call.

      Heather Bowersox

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