Looking at Nevada Electronic Wills & Trusts

Nevada Electronic Wills & Trusts

There’s no denying that there are major legitimate concerns over Coronavirus and its rapid spread through our communities. Many extreme measures ranging from public masks, limiting gathering sizes, to full-blown quarantines were necessary before and during the rollout of a vaccine.

It’s not overblown to say these are very uncertain times, which makes us think about just how important it is to have a will and estate in place for those worst-case scenarios, or simply preparing for that inevitable time when we pass away and need to pass on our belongings to our family.

These end-of-life decisions should not be taken lightly. They should not be left to our family and loved ones either. That being said, it’s very understandable that people can hesitate to do their estate planning even during the best of times, which these are not.

The good news is that you can take care of these details without having to go out in public. We are happy to meet with you via phone, video conferencing, FaceTime, Zoom, or whatever other telecommunications software you prefer.

We can do the heavy lifting of the work to create your last will and testament using these tools.

But wait, doesn’t a will require two witnesses in order to be valid?

This is true, however, under Nevada state law a will and trust are allowed to be signed, witnessed, and even notarized by electronic means. That means that as long as a public notary is part of the call or video conference you are willing trust can be written, signed, witnessed, and filed all digitally and still be legally binding.

This is a relatively new development but one that makes taking care of your estate planning even during the coronavirus very possible to do safely.

Look at NRS 163.0095 and NRS 13.085 if you want to see The actual legal statutes regarding these rules.

You can count on us to help you complete your estate plan through these tools and create an electronic will that the state of Nevada will see as 100% valid and legally binding.

Electronic Wills & Trusts Las Vegas

This means that your Will will have a created electronic record that includes the date and signature of all parties involved and present.

You should be aware that you will also need a special authentication form in order for this will to be valid. you have multiple options when it comes to fulfilling this requirement. these options include, but are not limited to:

  • One of your fingerprints
  • Voice recognition
  • A live video recording of you
  • A digital signature (the kind that is signed on a screen and transferred to PDF)
  • For those of you with the tech, a retinal identity scan

These are all viable options to fulfill this requirement and can be done from the safety of your home.

If you know it’s time to get your will and trust properly prepared then give our office a call so we can prepare your video consultations today!

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