How To Contest A Will

How To Contest A Will

Contesting a will is usually something that people only do when they are very close to the deceased and want to make sure their wishes are carried out. It can also be done if someone feels like they have been left out of the will unfairly or has some other reason for contesting it. There’s no way to know for sure what you’ll need in order to successfully contest a will, but this article should help give you an idea of what steps may come up during your case.

Challenging or defending a will in court can be stressful and require professional legal advice. The Giuliani Law Firm, their lawyer, specializes in providing personalized legal assistance to clients dealing with will contests, recognizing the sensitive nature of these matters.

  • If you have concerns about the legality of a decedent’s will, you can contest it through a legal process. The process involves assessing whether the person who made the will was mentally capable of doing so and investigating fraud, coercion, or improper signing claims. Anyone with a valid claim to the estate, such as beneficiaries or potential heirs, can challenge a will.
  • At The Giuliani Law Firm, clients receive specialized assistance from a team of experienced lawyers sensitive to the emotional pain that legal conflicts can cause. They take the time to evaluate each case, consider the client’s concerns, and develop a tactical plan for the best outcome.
  • The attorneys at The Giuliani Law Firmknow all legal justifications for contesting a will, including lack of capacity, undue influence, fraud or forgery, improper execution, and revocation. They assist clients at each stage of the legal procedure, submitting required documents, gathering proof, and representing clients in court. The firm’s attorneys are accomplished negotiators who strive to reach speedy and amicable settlements without protracted litigation.

Contesting a will can be challenging and emotionally draining. Still, with the support of The Giuliani Law Firm, experienced attorneys, you can confidently navigate the complexities of estate litigation. The firm is a reliable and compassionate option for anyone seeking legal assistance in contested will cases, thanks to their dedication to their clients and in-depth knowledge of probate and estate law. Whether contesting a will or defending one, you can count on the firm to fight tirelessly for your rights and secure the best possible outcome for your case.

Reasons for Contesting a Will

The Giuliani Law Firm specializes in estate planning and probate law. When a person passes away, it should be easy to distribute their assets according to their will. However, disagreements may arise, leading to contested wills. This article delves into the reasons for contesting a will and how The Giuliani Law Firm can provide expert and practical assistance.

Challenging a will is often done by claiming that the testator lacked the legal and mental capacity to understand their assets, decisions, and beneficiaries at the time of writing. There might be a dispute if the testator had cognitive impairment or mental illness. Another reason to contest a will is undue influence, where someone pressures the testator to change their or her will in their favor. The Giuliani Law Firm can help gather evidence and build a strong case for the rightful heirs, even though proving undue influence can be challenging. Contested wills can arise if forged, altered, or created dishonestly. It’s vital to contest it to ensure the testator’s true intentions are respected and the will is legitimate. The Giuliani Law Firm can investigate and present evidence to support the will’s legitimacy. Ambiguous language in a will can lead to conflicting interpretations and beneficiary confusion. The experienced lawyers at The Giuliani Law Firm can help clients understand and resolve unclear language. Properly executing a will is critical, as mistakes can lead to legal challenges. The attorneys at The Giuliani Law Firm can evaluate the will’s legitimacy and offer clients valuable advice.

Legal Requirements for Contesting a Will

If you are considering opposing a will, it’s crucial to understand the legal justifications for doing so. The Giuliani Law Firm can provide advice and assistance throughout this challenging process.

Grounds for contesting a will may include lack of testamentary ability, undue influence, fraud or forgery, and faulty execution. Our attorneys will work closely with you to ensure you fully comprehend these grounds before taking legal action.

A formal legal petition must be filed with the court to contest a will. Our staff will support you throughout this process, including quickly completing and submitting the necessary documentation. We will also conduct a thorough investigation to gather the evidence you need.

Due to the situation’s complexity, a trial or mediation may be necessary to settle the conflict. Thanks to their training and expertise, our lawyers are well-equipped to represent your interests.

If the court rules in your favor, the division of the estate will be determined either by the decedent’s legal will or the applicable intestate succession laws. Contesting a will is a delicate matter that requires legal guidance and a thorough understanding of the relevant laws. At The Giuliani Law Firm, we guide you through the complicated legal process to ensure your family’s true wishes are honored and your rightful inheritance is protected.

Preparing to Contest a Will

If you find yourself in a situation where you must contest a will, it can be a challenging legal process that requires careful planning and professional guidance. The Giuliani Law Firm is available to help you through this process and provide you with the necessary support.

Before beginning the contestation procedure, it’s essential to recognize the reasons for contesting a will. If an individual did not possess the mental capacity required, was unduly swayed, or did not adhere to legal prerequisites, their or she will might be deemed void. To effectively dispute a will, you must gather evidence to support your claims, such as financial records, witness testimony, and medical records.

Our team of experienced lawyers will assist you in navigating the intricacies of probate law, safeguard your legal entitlements at each stage, and clarify any relevant time limits. Our legal team can resolve disputes through mediation or negotiation.

We’ll fight for your rights in court if needed. We understand the emotional toll of contested will disputes and maintain empathy for your particular situation.

Contesting a will can be difficult and emotionally taxing, but you can successfully navigate it with the proper legal counsel. At The Giuliani Law Firm, we strive to provide you with expert guidance, support, and empathetic advice to protect your rights and achieve the most favorable results. If you need help with a contested will, please get in touch with us today to set up a consultation.

Steps to Contesting a Will

We describe the crucial steps in contesting a will in this thorough guide, illuminating the complexity and subtleties of the legal processes.

Consultation with seasoned lawyers is the first step.

The initial step in disputing a will is seeking legal counsel from qualified professionals, like The Giuliani Law Firm. The legal experts will thoroughly review your situation and compile pertinent data to assess the viability of your claim. Your lawyers will evaluate the will, go through potential grounds for contestation, and give you a rundown of the forthcoming legal procedure during this initial appointment.

Grounds for Contestation in Step 2

It would be best to have solid justification to question a will’s validity to thwart it. Below are typical reasons for contestation:

  • Lack of Testamentary Capacity: If the person who made a will was not mentally sound at its creation, it could be considered invalid.
  • Undue Influence: It is possible to contest a will if there is evidence that the person who wrote it was forced or manipulated into making changes that went against their true wishes.
  • Fraud or Forgery: Wills found to be fraudulent are not considered legally valid and may be subject to dispute.
  • Incorrect Execution: Following specific legal procedures when creating a will is essential. Follow this instruction to avoid the will becoming a subject of dispute.

Step 3: Collect Proof

A comprehensive investigation and the collecting pertinent information are necessary to make a compelling argument against a will. Your attorneys will collaborate with you to locate and gather pertinent paperwork, medical records, witness testimony, and other supporting documentation demonstrating your case.

Start the contestation in Step 4

Your legal team will file a formal contestation with the probate court once they have acquired the requisite proof and found that your claim is legitimate. It starts the legal process for contesting the validity of the will.

Negotiation and mediation in Step 5

Before going to court, disputing a will can frequently be settled by discussion or mediation. The Giuliani Law Firm’s seasoned lawyers can expertly bargain with the opposing party to arrive at a just and proper settlement to the testator’s objectives.

Sixth step: litigation

If talking or mediating doesn’t work, the issue will go to court for more action. Your lawyers will appear on your behalf in court, arguing your case and defending your rights through legal procedure.

Decision and appeal in Step 7

The court will decide the will’s validity after considering the arguments and examining the evidence. Your legal team can assist you in filing an appeal if you disagree with the court’s ruling.

Contesting a will is a complex and delicate situation that demands knowledgeable legal advice and assistance. The Giuliani Law Firm is committed to assisting clients in overcoming the obstacles presented by will contests and defending their rights and the decedent’s wishes. Our company is committed to helping clients with will contest issues. Our team comprises skilled lawyers who put in their best efforts to ensure our clients get a fair outcome.

Can a person contest a will after probate has concluded?

Can a person contest a will after probate has concluded?

When an individual is left out of a will or their inheritance is less than anticipated, they may have grounds to contest it.

Contesting a will can be emotionally difficult and may also lead to your being deprived of what you had hoped to inherit. The first thing to ask yourself is if you can contest a will. A will may be contested only by those that are defined as “interested persons” in the probate.

How To Contest A Will After Probate?

The one who is contesting or the person who wants to understand something about a will must be someone who has an interest in the will. Anyone who has a vested interest in the distribution of an estate should be contesting a will. That includes beneficiaries, creditors, and even government agencies that may have been defrauded

People planning their wills should review the intestacy laws of their state to determine how best to direct what they leave behind. In order to contest a will, you need evidence proving that the person who signed the will was not competent at the time when they were signing.

In some circumstances, a will can be contested after its probate. These include:

  • If you find a will when the original writer is deceased, the person should go through probate.
  • The deceased lacked the legal right to sign a will at age. In order to initiate the will contest process, a person must be of legal age or older. If someone’s mental capacity is impaired, they might not know what consequences their actions have. When a will is made following a mental capacity loss from dementia or the direct consequences of medication, it may be subject to legal challenge.
  • A will may be contested after enough evidence of undue influence is presented. One of the ways that unscrupulous people seek to defraud the elderly is a contesting an old will. Those who are vulnerable, including the elderly and disabled, can be tricked by unscrupulous people.
  • To contest a will based on undue influence, you must raise the issue of fraud. A person contesting a will can do so when they believe that the will is not what was wanted by the individual before undue influence.
  • To contest a will, prove the signatures are forgeries or that the person was coerced. Although the testator’s signature is of primary concern, witnesses’ signatures can be forged as well.

Are there often time limits in place for contesting a will?

The three-month statute of limitations for challenging a will stops when the original will comes into probate court.

The risks of contesting a will

As an alternate to co-signing the loan, you may wish to contest the will which is more complicated than many people assume. A common clause to a will advises that anyone disputing the will forfeits all rights. The beneficiary can discard the will if they don’t think any due diligence is needed, but by taking steps to contest it and avoiding being penalized.

Las Vegas Nevada Probate Attorney

Challenging a will is difficult, but it can potentially lead to the executor not getting possession of all the assets they would have otherwise gotten from the deceased. This is relevant in cases where there are conflicts between two wills.


Normally, once a court has ruled and the issue is closed, civilly, res judicata is applied.

Re-judication can be tried but it will have to involve newly discovered issues and this must come from an updated survey.” If 3 months have passed following the time when probate is complete, a will cannot be contested. However, the Nevada Revised Statutes 137.130 allow a will discovered later to be probated as long as at least two of the witnesses would have otherwise been alive on the date of discovery and are still living when they testify.

Contesting a will can be difficult but necessary if the contents of your loved one’s will have been falsely created. A person who wants to contest a will should talk to a Probate attorney in Las Vegas.

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