4 Really Fun Things To Do In Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas never sleeps and there is something for everyone there. If you’ve never been to Vegas, then you are probably wondering what can you do there? Don’t worry because we’re going to tell you what some of the funnest things to do. Find out what they are below.

1. Fremont Street Experience-

No trip to Las Vegas would be complete without a trip to Fremont Street, which is one of the most famous streets in the world. It is a 24-hour mall that people flock to when in Vegas because of the easy access to casinos and restaurants, so if it’s gambling and eating you want to do, Fremont Street is the place to be. You’ll find a massive LED canopy there too. Let’s not forget to mention there is plenty of entertainment going on, and best of all there’s no shortage of free entertainment.  Check out this video to see the Freemont Street Experience:

2. Adventuredome-

Maybe you’re looking for a cool theme park to go to, and if you are, then check out Adventuredome. This is a large indoor park that sits on 5-acres, and there are rides there for everyone from extreme thrill seekers to family-friendly rides to junior rides. In fact, you’ll find 25 rides there, as well as attractions such as a miniature golf course, clown shows, midway games, a rock climbing wall, carnival games and much more. Make sure you set aside a few hours because you can easily spend a lot of time at Adventuredome.

3. Las Vegas Natural History Museum-

This museum was opened in 1991 and you can find it right near the Las Vegas Library. The museum has exhibits that focus on marine life, dinosaurs and other various ones. You will also find the an Egyptian exhibit there.

You will learn about international wildlife at one of the galleries and you can learn about geology at another. As previously mentioned, there’s an Egyptian gallery, which is where you can learn about the treasures of the country. If you are a history buff or want to learn about natural history, then visit this museum.

4. SlotZilla-

The SlotZilla Zip Line is a way for you to see Las Vegas as you’ve never seen it. You can find this attraction on Fremont Street and you will start off your experience by going seven-stories high, which is where you’ll be strapped in and then you’ll travel three blocks down Fremont Street. Zip lining is fun in general, but the chances are you have never thought about zip lining in the middle of a busy city. Well, SlotZilla has changed things up and now you can zip line in one of the busiest cities in the world.

The Fremont Street experience and Adventuredome are some of the funnest things to do while in Vegas. The Natural History Museum is also an attraction you’ll want to go to, and so is the SlotZilla Zip Line. With that said, the next time you are in Las Vegas, make sure you do all of those things. For those looking to learn more about Las Vegas, Nevada click here.  Check out more great things to do in Las Vegas.

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