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Family. It’s what defines us. Frankly, it’s what we live and work for. But when your children and family are threatened, you need to protect them, and you. Divorces and child custody cases can wreck a person. Truly. You get one bite at the apple in a divorce or custody case, and you better get a good bite. Attorney Roger Giuliani knows this well. He has litigated thousands of cases over his 21 years as a family law attorney. He knows the importance of courtroom presence and how to navigate your case for the best possible results. He also has an outstanding track record for being able to settle cases with other attorneys, saving time and money for his clients.

Attorney Roger Giuliani is also one of a few select and qualified Family Court Mediators for the 8th Judicial District Family Court Division. In essence, when people going through a divorce need an attorney to help settle their divorce or custody case, they turn to Attorney Roger Giuliani as their Family Court Mediator to help them. Attorney Roger Giuliani has an excellent reputation in the courtroom and will be prepared to handle your family law case from start to finish.

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 Always professional, always just what I need. Great lawyer, great law office.

Rhonda Ward

 Roger was very friendly and professional as he provided legal advices to me and my husband.

Chia-Chun Chiang

 If you’re looking for a probate attorney in the Las Vegas area & Henderson, look no further!

Jesse and Kathleen Salazar

 Best Family and Probate attorney in Vegas. He is honest, and always takes my call. 

Heather Bowersox

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